Art meets Technology –

Mountains painted in YouPaint

Mountains painted in YouPaint

Finally we have released beta version of our website. It’s called YouPaint and is targeted for all people who like to paint and have touch phones. The website comes with mobile application for Your touch phone. It allows to paint on Your phone the same way as You can paint on plain canvas. The application has a lot of features:

  • various customizable brushes
  • alpha blending
  • 16.7 millions of colours
  • color picker
  • move and zoom (from 20 to 1600 %)
  • multiple step undo/redo
  • load/save paintings to file
  • share paintings to YouPaint, Facebook, Flickr or E-mail (directly from phone)

Currently mobile application supports Java and Android phones (IPhone is planned in future). You can post Your paintings to few social websites (Facebook, Flickr, YouPaint) – directly from phone. After publishing Your painting to YouPaint site, other users can comment and rate it. You can attach tags to every picture, so it can be found easily. Website and mobile application are absolutely FREE – so if You are painting maniac – come and try it.

Below are included paintings made by YouPaint users:

YouPaint - sign

YouPaint - Sign

YouPaint - Mountains

YouPaint - Boy

YouPaint - Joker

YouPaint - Joker

Don’t wait – start painting with Your touch phone right now – visit YouPaint !!!

About youpaint

Java/Android Programmer and Architect
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1 Response to Art meets Technology –

  1. valeria says:

    aun no entiendo como guardar un dibujo en el celular en la versión java ¿alguien que me pueda ayudar?

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