YouPaint – Tutorial part 1

Today I’m going to show You some features of mobile application YouPaint. Because currently, there are two versions of app: for Java and Android platforms – in this tutorial we will be using screenshots from Android version (although Java version looks quite similar). So let’s start…


Gallery Page

Gallery Page

We start the YouPaint application on Android touch phone. After splash screen vanishes, the gallery page appears. On this page there are visible all paintings created by us (initially there are two demo paintings). We can start new paint or select existing one to modify or share it to social websites.

There ale also some items in menu. We can set options (amount of undo memory and our YouPaint account), open about or help dialog or just exit the application. If there are a lot of paintings and they are not fit on single screen – we can drag the screen to move it furhter.


Paint View

Paint View

Paint View

If we click on some existing painting on Gallery Page, we will move to Paint View. Paint View doesn’t allow to modify painting, but instead it allows to manage it. As we can see – we can delete the painting, share it to social websites or email. Also we may switch to Paint Edit Page or back to Gallery View. We can also open Options form – the same which we could opened on Gallery Page.

Paint Edit

Paint Edit

Paint Edit

The most important feature of YouPaint is of course painting pictures. This page allows us to do this. It contains three items:

  • top menu
  • bottom menu
  • picture with background

 Important thing is that menu can be shown or hidden. To switch menu just tap the screen without drag it.

In top menu we have three icons:

  • back to Paint View Page
  • adjust zoom
  • move picture


Brush Properties
Brush Properties

The last two are for phones without multitouch support. If our phone supports multitouch then we could use 2-fingers gestures to gently move and adjust zoom.

Bottom menu has several tools:

  • brush
  • undo
  • redo
  • color picker (to pick color from picture)
  • color dialog (color wheel with brightness and alpha) 

Brush configuration allows us to set varius brush properties:

  • type (10 types)
  • kind (draw or erase)
  • size
  • alpha
  • spacing

This gives us really powerful options. In future versions there will be even more brush types and properties. We can also very precisely adjust brush properties like size or alpha, using “+” and “-” buttons to change value by 1.

Other very important dialog is color select. But we will take it at the second part of this tutorial…

I hope You enjoy using YouPaint 🙂

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